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DU-PONT bearing grease

DesignationBase oilThickenerMin tempMax tempMax DnComments
Krytox 240 ABPerfluroalkylpoletherTetrafluraethylenetelomer-40232400000Excellent thermal oxidative stability, does not creep, water resistant and chemically inert.
Krytox 1506Flurocarbonsno data-51288400000Low sirface tension, but does not migrate.
Krytox 240ACfluorinatedPTFE-352870MIL-G-27617. Good high temperature grease. Oxygen compatible. Can be used in vacuum envirionments.
Krytox 143ACno datano data-352870Base Oil for LY101
KRYTOX 240 ADno datano data000no data
KRYTOX 280 ACno datano data000no data
KRYTOX 260 ACno datano data000no data
Krytox 283ACfluorinatedPTFE-35280high temperature grease
Krytox 143ACfluorinatedPTFE-35280high temperature grease
Krytox GPL205fluorinatedPTFE-36204high temperature grease
Krytox GPL223fluorinated)PTFE-36204high temperature alternator fan clutch bearing grease
Krytox GPL224fluorinatedPTFE-51179high temperature alternator fan clutch bearing grease
Krytox GPL225fluorinatedPTFE-60154air pump bearing grease
Krytox GPL226fluorinatedPTFE-36260CV joint
Krytox GPL226343Krytox® GPL 226 is a fluorinated grease for use in high-temperature, aggressive environments. It does not burn, decompose, or react to form gummy or solid deposits
Krytox 240AAFluor CarbonVidax -34232
Krytox 240ABFluor CarbonVidax-34232

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