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INA bearing grease list

Listed in alpha-numeric order of manufacturer grease code

DesignationBase oilThickenerMin tempMax tempMax DnCommentsINA_code
Alvania Grease R3MineralLithium-341350no dataSH02
Alvania EP Grease 2MineralLithium-101000normal temperature greaseSH03
CALYPSOL H443-HD88no datano data000no dataSH04
Isoflex LDS 18 SPECIAL ADiesterLithium-601300low-temperature greaseSH12
Staburags NBU12MineralLithium-351500normal temperature greaseSH14
Starburags NBU12/300KPno datano data000no dataSH23
DARINA-2no datano data000no dataSH25
UNIREX N3 (OIL)no datano data000no dataSH26
CHEVRON RPM SRI-2Mineral oilPolyurea-301770no dataSH27
BARRIERTA L55/2FluorinatedPTFE-352600high-low temperature greaseSH28
DEA RENOLIT GA3 - DIN51825-K3K-30 -30120SM16

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