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KOYO bearing grease list

Listed in alpha-numeric order of manufacturer grease code

DesignationBase oilThickenerMin tempMax tempMax DnCommentsKOYO
OS GREASE No. 1no datano data000no dataG01
TORAY SILICONE SH33Lno datano data000no dataG33
TORAY SILICONE SH33Hno datano data000no dataG3H
TORAY SILICONE SH41no datano data000no dataG41
TORAY SILICONE SH44Mno datano data000no dataG4H
Alvania Grease No. 1no datano data000no dataGA1
Alvania Grease No. 2MineralLithium-251200normal temperature greaseGA2
Mobil 28Synthetic hydrocarbonClay-62176400000MIL-G-81322, DOD-G-24508 wide temperature rangeGA28
Alvania EP Grease 2MineralLithium-101000normal temperature greaseGA2EP
Alvania Grease No. 3MineralLithium-201350normal temperature greaseGA3
SUPERMIL GREASE NO. A72832no datano data000no dataGA7
ANDOK BMineralSodium-401200Normal temperature greaseGAB
ANDOCK 260no datano data000no dataGAB
ANDOK CMineralno data-301200Good long life channeling grease. Low torque after running in period.GAC
Alvania EP Grease 1no datano data000no dataGAG
ALUHIX HD No.1no datano data000no dataGAH
ANDEROL L-793no datano data000no dataGAH
Alvania EP Grease ROno datano data000no dataGAO
ARPEN RB 300 OILno datano data000no dataGAP
Alvania Grease RAMineralLithium-251200normal temperature greaseGAR
Alvania Grease RSno datano data000no dataGAS
Beacon 325Syntheticno data-551200MIL-G-3278A DTD825B NLGI grade 2. Good low torque general purpose grease.GB5
BRAY COTE MICRONOK 622 SUPER CLEANno datano data000no dataGB6
BARRIERTA L55/2FluorinatedPTFE-352600high-low temperature greaseGBL
ONELUBER No. 2no datano data000no dataGBM
CHEVRON RPM GREASE BRB-2no datano data000no dataGCB
CHEVRON RPM SRI-2Mineral oilPolyurea-301770no dataGCR
DARINA-2no datano data000no dataGD2
MOLYKOTE BR2 PLUSMineralLithium-301500high speed greaseGD4
DAPHNE CORONEX No. 2no datano data000no dataGDC
DOLLUM GREASE R SHELLno datano data000no dataGDG
Aeroshell Grease No. 5MineralMicrogel-101300normal temperature greaseGE5
Aeroshell Grease No. 6no datano data000no dataGE6
Aeroshell Grease No. 7Synthetic Ester (Diester)Microgel-73149400000MIL-G-23827 general purpose aircraft and instrument grease for heavy loads.GE7
Aeroshell Grease No. 16no datano data000no dataGES
Aeroshell Grease No. 22 (Oil)no datano data000no dataGET
BOSCH GREASE FT1.V26 CHEMIE TECHNIKno datano data000no dataGFT
MULTINOC No. 2no datano data000no dataGHA
Krytox 240 ABPerfluroalkylpoletherTetrafluraethylenetelomer-40232400000Excellent thermal oxidative stability, does not creep, water resistant and chemically inert.GKA
KRYTOX 260 ACno datano data000no dataGKC
Krytox 240ACfluorinatedPTFE-352870MIL-G-27617. Good high temperature grease. Oxygen compatible. Can be used in vacuum envirionments.GKR
Isoflex LDS 18 SPECIAL ADiesterLithium-601300low-temperature greaseGLS
MOBILLUX 3no datano data000no dataGM1
MULTEMP LRL3no datano data000no dataGML
MULTI PURPOSE No. 2no datano data000no dataGMM
MOBILTEMP No. 1no datano data000no dataGMO
MOBIPLEX 47 (OIL)Mineralno data-201200normal temperature greaseGMP
MULTINOC WIDE No. 2no datano data000no dataGMW
Isoflex TOPAS NB52Synthetic hydrocarbonBarium-601700high-low temperature greaseGN5
Isoflex SUPER LDS 18no datano data000no dataGN6
Staburags NBU12MineralLithium-351500normal temperature greaseGNB
MULTEMP PS No. 1no datano data000no dataGP1
MULTEMP PS No. 2no datano data000no dataGP2
MULTEMP PS No. 3no datano data000no dataGP3
MULTEMP PS 2Ano datano data000no dataGPA
SUPERMIL GREASE N-125no datano data000no dataGS4
Isoflex NBU15Diester MineralBarium-301300normal temperature greaseGS5
APL700 (oil)no datano data000no dataGS8
NS HI-LUBE GREASEno datano data000no dataGSR
Starburags N12no datano data000no dataGST
UNILUBE No. 2no datano data000no dataGU2
UNIREX N3 (OIL)no datano data000no dataGUN
TEMPREX N3 (UNIREX N3)no datano data000no dataGUN
MULTEMP URL No. 3no datano data000no dataGUR
UNITEMP GREASE 500no datano data000no dataGUT
COSMO WIDE GREASE WR No. 3no datano data000no dataGWR
NIG-ACE W (A-0707)no datano data000no dataKNG144
ANDEROL L401Dno datano data000no dataLAL
TORAY SILICONE SH510-50cst (Oil)no datano data000no dataLDF
MOBIL DTE OIL LIGHTno datano data000no dataLDR
Aeroshell Fluid No. 12Synthetic Esterno data-541501500000MIL-L-6085, attacks paint, natural rubber and neoprene. Contains anti-corrosion additives.LEF

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