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KYODO-YUSHI bearing grease

DesignationBase oilThickenerMin tempMax tempMax DnComments
Multemp PS2DIESTERLithium-50110Low tempaerature grease
Multemp SRLLithium-40150Low noise grease
Multemp SC-AUrea0160Normal temperature grease
Multemp ET150Urea-10160Normal temperature grease.
OnelubaLithium-10110Normal temperature grease
AdrexLithium-10120Normal temperature grease
ParmaxMineral-10120Normal temperature grease.
Emalube 1130Mineral-10130Normal temperature grease
Unilube DL1Mineral-10110Normal temperature grease
Alumix HD1Mineral0120Normal temperature grease
Multemp LTSEster-60130Low temperature grease
Multemp SRHEster-40150Low temperature grease
Multemp SB-MSynthetic oilUrea-40200High temperature, high speed grease.
Multemp SC-CSynthetic oil-40200High temperature pump water grease
ET-KSynthetic oil/Ester-40200High temperature, high speed alternator grease
Multemp SI-HOverrunning clutch
Multemp 9B670-40130Good pressure and water resistance
LGUSynthetic oilUrea-40120
Multemp AC-NStarter Spline, gear
Multemp ETRStarter Spline, gear
Multemp ET SeriesAlternator + bearings
Multemp FF seriesEngine sensors
Duplex SPPropeller shaft + universal joint
Multemp CTBPropeller shaft - center bearing
Raremax AF-1Wheel bearings
One-Luber MK-SWheel bearings
Molywhite TAClutch
Molywhite TBClutch
Multemp AC-NSteering - Tilt telescope
One-Luber SGSteering - Rack & pinion
One-Luber LSGSteering - Rack & pinion
One-Luber MOSteering - Rack & pinion
Multemp SI-BBrake noise control
Multemp AC-RBrake mechanism
Rubber GreaseBrake mechanism
Simplex WChassis
One-Luber MPChassis
Multemp SL-VSuspension Ball joint
Multemp SADoor hinge
Multemp TADoor hinge
Multemp TASDoor hinge
Molywhite TBDoor check
Multemp SL-FDoor lock actuator
Multemp LDoor lock actuator
Multemp HL-DSteering wheel
Multemp DSeat belt
Multemp AC-DPower mirror
Multemp SH-KIIPower mirror
Multemp HL-DWindow regulator
Multemp AC-JPower window motor
Multemp SB-MCooling fan motor
Multemp SW-KSwitches
Multemp CE-TConnectors
Raremax SW-1Connectors

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