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The Kamatics Corporation is probably one of the best-known names for high performance aerospace plain bearings. Being a subsidiary of the Kaman Corporation, the Kamatics bearing Division enjoys substantial backing for its broad range of innovative and high quality bearing solutions. In recent times the KAMAN group have acquired the RWG Frankenjura facility in Germnay. This has significantly strengthened the KAMAN groupís foothold in the European civil and military sector.

Kamatics was founded by Kaman Corporation in 1966 to specifically design and develop bearings for its own helicopter production. From this exacting start, Kamatics now serve customers worldwide on a broad range of civil and military equipment. Kamatics production concentrates primarily around self-lubricated bearings for aerospace applications such as;

  • Turbine engines
  • Aircraft flight controls
  • Landing gear

The Kamatics organizations are famous for the production of their KARON and KATHERM self-lubricating liner systems. These specialist liner solutions are for high load, low wear, low friction requirements, often used in arduous applications.

Both the KARON and KATHERM liner systems meet or surpass the following specifications:

  • SAE AS81820
  • SAE AS81934
  • MIL-B-8943
  • SAE AS81819

The unique KARON and KATHERM bearing systems offer a tried and tested solutions, which offer significant advantages over other traditional self, lubricated bearings, providing increased performance and life cycle benefits.

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