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NYE bearing grease

DesignationBase oilThickenerMin tempMax tempMax DnComments
Rheolube 757SSGPetroleumSodium-4093650000Anti-oxidation additives, machine tool spindle grease
Rheotemp 500Easter and petroleumSodium-46176500000For high temperature, high speed. Not water resistant
Rheolube 350 SBG-2PetroleumSodium/Calcium-34121650000Spindle bearing grease for normal temperatures and maximum life at high speed.
Synthetic 181BSynthetic hydrocarbonno data-401501500000Good heat stability, low volatility.
Synthetic Oil 2001Synthetic hydrocarbonno data-46127400000Instrument general purpose lubricant,excellent for use in hard vacuum applications where very low out gas properties are desired.
Synthetic Oil 188BSynthetic hydrocarbon-40125General purpose synthetic hydrocarbon oil. Medium viscosity, plastic compatible, used in precision bearings, low torque applications. Also used in ball and sintered bearing types.
Synthetic Oil 605Polyol Ester oil-40150Automotive superchargers - bearing and gear lubrication. Caution when used near polycarbonate, ABS resin, Buna N and other ester vulnurable plastics and rubbers.
UniFlor 8510Perfluoropolyether oil-50225Light loads, high temperatures, oxidation and chemical resistance qualities.
Rheolube 390Synthetic hydrocarbon-54125Water & salt resistant, synthetic hydrocarbon grease, rust inhibitors.
UniFlor 8511RPerfluoropolyether oil-50225Perfluropolyether grease, high temperatures, rust inhibitors, chemical and oxygen resistance.
Rheolube 375Synthetic hydrocarbon-54125General purpose with rust inhibitors
Rheolube 716REster-54150Quite running, contains additives for higher load capability and rust prevention. Use with care around polycarbonates, ABS resins, Bna N and other ester-vulnurable plastics and rubbers.
Rheoplex 6000HTEster-40180High-speed, high temperature, high load.
Rheolube 362FSynthetic hydrocarbon-54125Low starting torque, campatible with plastics and rubbers.
NyoGel 744F-MSSynthetic hydrocarbon-40125For heavy loaded applications, lower start up torque, higher than normal adherance characteristics.
Rheolube 733F Ultrafiltered-54130For precision components, medium consistancy, low noise.
Rheosil 500FSilicon oil-40175Light duty, low load, high speed.
716BPolyol EsterLithium-51148
Rheolube 703AMineralSodium-34121
Instrument Grease 706E Polyol Ester Lithium -53148
Rheolube 716BPolyol EsterLithium -51148
Nyogel 781 D (currently replacing Versilube G-300)Silicone Lithium-70198
Fluoroether 899 RPPFPEPFPE-90248
Rheolube 2000HydrocarbonOrganic-51126
Rheotemp 500Diester Sodium-54176
Rheoplex 6000HTEsterSodium-40150

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