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RMB bearing grease list

Listed in alpha-numeric order of manufacturer grease code

DesignationBase oilThickenerMin tempMax tempMax DnCommentsRMB
Aeroshell Grease No. 7Synthetic Ester (Diester)Microgel-73149400000MIL-G-23827 general purpose aircraft and instrument grease for heavy loads.G21
Aeroshell Grease No. 16no datano data000no dataG22
Mobil 28Synthetic hydrocarbonClay-62176400000MIL-G-81322, DOD-G-24508 wide temperature rangeG36
TORAY SILICONE SH33Hno datano data000no dataG39
Krytox 240ACfluorinatedPTFE-352870MIL-G-27617. Good high temperature grease. Oxygen compatible. Can be used in vacuum envirionments.G42
TORAY SILICONE SH44Mno datano data000no dataG44
Alvania Grease RSno datano data000no dataG48
Beacon 325Syntheticno data-551200MIL-G-3278A DTD825B NLGI grade 2. Good low torque general purpose grease.G5
Isoflex LDS 18 SPECIAL ADiesterLithium-601300low-temperature greaseG58
ANDOK CMineralno data-301200Good long life channeling grease. Low torque after running in period.G9
ANDEROL L401Dno datano data000no dataL21
Winsorlube L-245XDiesterno data-54661500000Attacks paint, neoprene, anti-corrosion additives MIL-L-6085.L23
Aeroshell Fluid No. 12Synthetic Esterno data-541501500000MIL-L-6085, attacks paint, natural rubber and neoprene. Contains anti-corrosion additives.LO

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