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SKF bearing grease list

Listed in alpha-numeric order of manufacturer grease code

DesignationBase oilThickenerMin tempMax tempMax DnCommentsSKF_code
Starburags NBU12Kno datano data000no dataB416
Winsorlube L-245XDiesterno data-54661500000Attacks paint, neoprene, anti-corrosion additives MIL-L-6085.DE
ANDEROL L401Dno datano data000no dataEC
VERSILUBE F-50 OILno datano data000no dataED
TORAY SILICONE SH510-50cst (Oil)no datano data000no dataEJ
KENDALL KG-80 (OIL)no datano data000no dataEP
RYCON PREMIUM No. 2no datano data000no dataHG
RYCON PREMIUM No. 3no datano data000no dataHH
RYCON PREMIUM No. 1272no datano data000no dataHR
TEMPREX N2 (UNIREX N2)no datano data000no dataHR
FETT S7189no datano data000no dataHS
ANDOK CMineralno data-301200Good long life channeling grease. Low torque after running in period.HT-2 & HA
ANDOCK 260no datano data000no dataHT-6 & HT72 & HB
ANDOK BMineralSodium-401200Normal temperature greaseHT-9 & TA
Regal AFB2no datano data000no dataHT2
CHEVRON RPM GREASE BRB-2no datano data000no dataHT20 & LHT50 & UB
TEMPREX N3 (UNIREX N3)no datano data000no dataHT22 & HP
DOLLUM GREASE R SHELLno datano data000no dataHT31 & UH
MOLYKOTE BR2 PLUSMineralLithium-301500high speed greaseHT41 & HT23
Alvania Grease R3MineralLithium-341350no dataHT43
CHEVRON RPM SRI-2Mineral oilPolyurea-301770no dataHT51 & UE
Starburags N12 MFno datano data000no dataHT58
Aeroshell Grease No. 16no datano data000no dataHT71 & UC
Aeroshell Grease No. 15ASiliconno data-733100Good wide temperature range. Low torque instrument grease.JA
Krytox 240ACfluorinatedPTFE-352870MIL-G-27617. Good high temperature grease. Oxygen compatible. Can be used in vacuum envirionments.JD
ANDEROL L-793no datano data000no dataLE
Aeroshell Grease No. 17no datano data000no dataLH
TORAY SILICONE SH33Lno datano data000no dataLHT1 & RA
TORAY SILICONE SH44Lno datano data000no dataLHT22 & RB
NS HI-LUBE GREASEno datano data000no dataLHT23 & WT
TORAY SILICONE SH44Mno datano data000no dataLHT30 & RD
Isoflex LDS 18 SPECIAL ADiesterLithium-601300low-temperature greaseLHT42 & LR
Mobil 28Synthetic hydrocarbonClay-62176400000MIL-G-81322, DOD-G-24508 wide temperature rangeLHT55 & UD
Aeroshell Grease No. 5MineralMicrogel-101300normal temperature greaseLHT61 & HJ
Aeroshell Grease No. 7Synthetic Ester (Diester)Microgel-73149400000MIL-G-23827 general purpose aircraft and instrument grease for heavy loads.LHT64 & LH
Aeroshell Fluid No. 12Synthetic Esterno data-541501500000MIL-L-6085, attacks paint, natural rubber and neoprene. Contains anti-corrosion additives.LO7
UNIREX LOTEMP EPno datano data000no dataLP
Beacon 325Syntheticno data-551200MIL-G-3278A DTD825B NLGI grade 2. Good low torque general purpose grease.LT10 & LB
1692 LOW TEMP OILno datano data000no dataLT12
Isoflex SUPER LDS 18no datano data000no dataLT20
Alvania Grease RSno datano data000no dataMT-47 & MT
MOBIL LIFE TIMEno datano data000no dataMT17 MC
Alvania Grease No. 2MineralLithium-251200normal temperature greaseMT19 & TE
Alvania Grease R2MineralLithium-531350no dataMT19 & TS
Alvania EP Grease 2MineralLithium-101000normal temperature greaseMT35 & TO
Staburags NBU12MineralLithium-351500normal temperature greaseMT37
Alvania Grease No. 3MineralLithium-201350normal temperature greaseMT42 & HJ
APL701 (OIL)no datano data000no dataMT57
DARINA-2no datano data000no dataMT59 & HK
MOBILUX EP2no datano data000no dataMW
Aeroshell Grease No. 14no datano data000no dataNB
MOLYKOTE 33MSiliconeLithium-701800high-low temperature greaseRF
TORAY SILICONE SH41no datano data000no dataSH
MOLYKOYTE FS-1292no datano data000no dataSL
Aeroshell Grease No. 6no datano data000no dataTQ
Mobilth SHC 100Synthetic oilLithium-401700high speed greaseUJ
RONEX MPno datano data000no dataUP
Aeroshell Grease No. 22 (Oil)no datano data000no dataUQ
Starburags N12no datano data000no dataVT110
BARRIERTA L55/2FluorinatedPTFE-352600high-low temperature greaseVT127
Isoflex Alltime SL2 M183no datano data000no dataVT164
5182 GREASEno datano data000no dataVT168

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