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Agricultural bearings

AHR Agricultural bearingsAHR can field an extensive range of agricultural bearings across many manufacturers. We can also provide extensive interchanging across brands such as RHP/NSK, Torrington/Fafnir, NTN, Bower etc

Typical references we supply include:

Disc harrow bearings

W20OPPB series, spherical outside diameter
W20OPP series, cylindrical outside diamter
GW20OPPB series, spherical outside diameter with relubrication feature
GW20OPP series, cylindrical outside diameter with relubrication feature

Other common types

202NPP9 204KRR8 206KRRB6 GW210PPB5 RE205PPB7
202RRE 204RY2 206KRRB9 GW211PPB10 W208PPB2
203JD 205GP 208NPPB5 GW211PPB13 W208PPB23
203KKR3 205KR3 499502H GW211PPB14 W208PPB4
203KKR5 205NPP9 99502H GW211PPB2 W208PPB7
203KRR2 205PPB7 G205PPB7 GW211PPB8 W209PPB2
203KRR2-C3 205PPB7 GW209PPB11 GW211PPB9 W209PPB4
203KRR2-LD 205RVA GW209PPB2 GW214PPB2 W210PPB2
204FREN 206KRR6 GW209PPB4 GW214PPB5 W210PPB5
204KRD4 206KRRB3 GW210PPB2 GW214PPB6 W211PPB2

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