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Aircraft track roller bearings

Track roller bearings fundamentally take two forms. The cam follower allows for blind hole mounting if required and saves space as it has its own integral shaft or stud. The Yoke roller is designed for applications where support both sides of the bearing is required.

Track roller bearings are simply bearings, which have a suitable external outside rolling rings designed to run along profiles or cams. These bearings allow a piece of aircraft structure to follow a very accurate, carefully controlled path when being deployed or retracted. A typical track roller example can be found in a slat or flap carriage assembly. There are normally one or more carriages, which are attached to each flap or slat section.

Track roller bearings are fundamentally needle roller bearings with a substantial outer ring designed to provide safe transmission of forces through the needle roller elements to the airframe. Typically in their use as slat or track carriage bearings these forces are aerodynamic ones that can amount to appreciable loads. Other uses for track roller bearings on an aircraft include door guidance support rollers and undercarriage component guidance rollers.

Track roller bearings used on wing applications are often subjected to dirt and anti-icing fluids that if not properly designed, will lead to premature failure. In an effort to combat this special materials are can be chosen the inner and outer rings along with robust sealing mechanisms.

Typical sources for track roller bearings include McGill (part of the Emerson Group), Torrington/RBC and Accurate Bushing (Smith Group). All these companies supply track roller bearings to major build aerospace contractors such as Boeing and Airbus.

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