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Airframe control bearings and rod ends

The airframe control bearing range is probably the most popular or most likely to come to mind when someone mentions aerospace bearings. Airframe control bearings take many forms including:

  • Single or double row deep groove bearings
  • Single and double row deep groove misaligning bearings
  • Thin section ball bearings
  • Spherical plain bearings
  • Plain rod ends (also known as Rose joins)
  • Double row ball bearing rod ends
  • Plain bushings (or journals)

Their uses are vast but typically they are used to support loads, which are either medium to low RPM or more commonly, oscillating. The airframe control bearings are those most likely to be replaced during an aircraft's life, usually several times. High frequency use items such as control linkages, actuation devices, undercarriage components, hydraulic links, door mechanisms, engine controls and many other areas all use airframe bearings.

Historically the most common bearing brand associated with airframe control bearings is Fafnir Torrington. Although sold to Timken and now owned by the RBC Group, Fafnir Torrington material is still referenced by many engineers worldwide. Their nomenclature system has been used (or variations of it by many competitors) such as RWG Frankenjura, Sarma, Schatz, and MRC etc.

Virtually all of the airframe range now has an equal MIL-Spec (Military Specification) number associated with it. This allows you to easily multi-source an airframe bearing across brands, which conform to the Mil-Spec requirements. Although Mil-Spec or MS as it is commonly referred to has now been replaced by ďASĒ (Aerospace Standard) which is ruled by the SAE.

AHR carries many online electronic catalogues for a majority of the conforming airframe bearing manufacturers. If you require assistance in acquiring a specification or a variant then please donít hesitate to contact us.

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