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Bearings for food applications

Bearings for food applications AHR can provide many standard and specialist bearings for food applications. Typically we can supply bearings with solid grease type (NTN's P-06) promotes a high degree of safety because its heat-solidifying grease for food machinery is composed of food-grade lubricating grease that complies with the USDA's H-1 standard (permitting contact with food) and super molecular weight polyethylene approved according to an FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) standard.

Lubricants for food applications

AHR can provide a vast range of food approved lubricants for a diverse application range. We can supply various quantities, ie small tubes to multi litre tins and drums. Depending on the lubricant type and it's expense their may well be minimum order sizes but we will always try and accomodate your requirements where possible. Typical lubricants food grade lubricants include;

Lubcon Turmosynthgrease ALN 2501/00
Molykote G-4500 Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease NLGI 2
Molykote G-4501 Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease NLGI 1
Lubcon Turmosynthgrease W 2502
Lubcon Turmosynthgrease LMI 2
Lubcon Turmosynth 2000/2/3
Lubcon Turmsilon LMI 5000
Lubcon Turmotemp 11/400 CL 2
Lubcon Turmsilon MV 2 (paste)
Lubcon Turmopast TAS LMI (paste)

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