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Full ceramic turbine bearings

full ceramic bearing solutions for most model gas turbines AHR can now offer full ceramic turbine bearings for the model gas jet turbine fraternity. The standard 608 size bearing has been used persistently during the development of many gas turbine models. As the bearing plays a vital role, its accuracy and durability are key in making sure that your hobby continues with minimal costs. For this reason AHR have spent considerable time in trying to move one step beyond high precision steel/ceramic hybrid bearings.

full ceramic bearing solutions for most model gas turbinesAHR can now offer a full complement (no cage/retainer) ceramic solution with an ABEC 7 tolerance (also denoted as P4) and pricing which is competitive with their steel counterparts! The Si3N4 (Silicon Nitride) ceramic grade is used as this is most suitable for high speed, long endurance applications. These bearings are stable from 750 to 800 degrees C (way beyond normal lubrication limits and bearing steel limits). With reduced weight, reduced ball inertia and massive improvements in low lubrication scenarios these full ceramic possibilities offer significant improvements on component life, especially when you consider what happens to various engine components when steel/hybrid bearing lubrication systems fail. Due to the nature of ceramic balls rolling on a ceramic inner and outer rings, the high hardness values dictate higher life and far more stable running characteristics. This ceramic on ceramic system also provides significant resistance against hard particles being rolled into the raceways (unlike their steel counterparts). Corrosion resistance is 100% of course with no ferritic content at all.

If you wish to see the comparison between differing bearing steels and ceramics, please click here and use our bearing materials comparison chart to find out more.

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