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Marine/offshore bearings

marine and offshore bearings AHR supplies many of the worlds marine contractors with an extensive array of bearings ranging from large plain bearings to specialist AHR designed thin dense chrome (TDC) coated ball and spherical misaligning bearings designed specifically for sea water environments. Marine environments give bearings possibly the toughest conditions encountered. The combination of salt, high loads, long periods between maintenance and the constant struggle with lubrication lead to the demise of many bearings long before their calculated life expectancy.

AHR provides the best solutions on both plain and rolling element requirements with many customers never returning for long periods as our chosen products and designs are still performing within the original applications. Our commitment to high levels of communication and constant attention to detail have lead AHR to the top of many procurement vendor lists when bearings are required. We take great pride in this and hope that new customers will take benefit from what we have to offer. Some typical applications we have tackled include:

  • Rudder bearings
  • Water lubricated prop-shaft bearings
  • Twin set stabiliser bearings
  • Weapons handling bearings and guide rails
  • Deck machinery bearings
  • Steering gear bearings
  • Stern roller bearings
  • Slipway pads and rollers
  • Sonar bushings and guide strips
  • Low magnetic permeability materials for mine counter measure vessels
  • Door bushes
  • Crane mast bearings
  • Turntables and slewing rings

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