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AS9120 & ISO9001:2000 Approved

AVELING BARFORD bearing references

Please find below the current bearing references we have for AVELING BARFORD. If you don't see the bearing reference you are seeking for this OEM then please do not hesitate to contact us for prompt support.

0040001 0040002 0040003
029628 029629 1417
157/517 235440 250P10
250P100 250P105 250P110
250P12 250P120 250P140
250P15 250P17 250P20
250P25 250P30 250P35
250P40 250P45 250P50
250P55 250P60 250P65
250P70 250P75 250P80
250P85 250P90 250P95
251P10 251P100 251P105
251P110 251P12 251P120
251P130 251P140 251P15
251P150 251P17 251P20
251P25 251P30 251P35
251P40 251P45 251P50
251P55 251P60 251P65
251P70 251P75 251P80
251P85 251P90 251P95
252P100 252P17 252P20
252P25 252P30 252P35
252P40 252P45 252P50
252P55 252P60 252P65
252P70 252P75 252P80
252P85 252P90 252P95
254P10 254P11 254P12
254P14 254P16 254P18
254P20 254P22 254P24
254P26 254P28 254P30
254P32 254P34 254P36
254P38 254P4 254P40
254P44 254P48 254P5
254P52 254P56 254P6
254P60 254P64 254P68
254P7 254P72 254P76
254P8 254P80 254P84
254P88 254P9 254P92
254P96 255P10 255P11
255P12 255P14 255P16
255P18 255P20 255P22
255P24 255P26 255P28
255P30 255P32 255P34
255P36 255P38 255P4
255P40 255P44 255P48
255P5 255P52 255P56
255P6 255P60 255P64
255P68 255P7 255P72
255P8 255P9 256P30
257P35 257P75 259P10
259P11 259P12 259P14
259P16 259P20 259P22
259P24 259P26 259P28
259P30 259P32 259P34
259P36 259P38 259P4
259P40 259P44 259P48
259P5 259P52 259P56
259P6 259P60 259P64
259P7 259P8 259P80
259P9 259P96 25P70
260P10 260P11 260P12
260P14 260P18 260P20
260P22 260P24 260P26
260P28 260P30 260P32
260P34 260P36 260P38
260P4 260P40 260P44
260P48 260P5 260P52
260P56 260P6 260P60
260P64 260P68 260P7
260P72 260P8 260P9
261P10 261P100 261P105
261P110 261P12 261P15
261P17 261P20 261P30
261P35 261P40 261P45
261P50 261P55 261P60
261P65 261P70 261P75
261P80 261P85 261P90
261P95 262P10 262P100
262P105 262P110 262P12
262P15 262P17 262P20
262P25 262P30 262P35
262P40 262P45 262P50
262P55 262P60 262P65
262P70 262P75 262P80
262P85 262P90 262P95
264P10 264P11 264P12
264P14 264P16 264P18
264P20 264P22 264P24
264P26 264P28 264P30
264P32 264P34 264P36
264P38 264P4 264P40
264P44 264P48 264P5
264P52 264P56 264P6
264P60 264P64 264P68
264P7 264P72 264P76
264P8 264P80 264P84
264P88 264P9 264P92
264P96 265P10 265P11
265P12 265P14 265P16
265P18 265P20 265P22
265P24 265P26 265P28
265P30 265P32 265P34
265P36 265P38 265P4
265P40 265P44 265P48
265P5 265P52 265P56
265P6 265P60 265P64
265P68 265P7 265P72
265P8 265P9 266P140
266P20 266P50 266P90
266P95 267P50 267P55
267P65 267P80 267P85
269P10 269P11 269P12
269P14 269P16 269P18
269P20 269P22 269P24
269P26 269P28 269P30
269P32 269P34 269P36
269P38 269P4 269P40
269P44 269P48 269P5
269P52 269P56 269P6
269P60 269P64 269P68
269P7 269P72 269P76
269P8 269P80 269P84
269P88 269P9 269P92
269P96 270P10 270P11
270P12 270P14 270P16
270P18 270P20 270P22
270P24 270P26 270P28
270P30 270P32 270P34
270P36 270P38 270P4
270P40 270P44 270P48
270P5 270P52 270P56
270P6 270P60 270P64
270P68 270P7 270P72
270P8 270P9 59P18
60P16 94937 9690/127
A745X2 CY3159T FB4758
FLT248100 FLT24834 GB210372
GCT210370 GN632110 GNT629104
GNT632110 GNT634111 GNT635108
K22608 LGT763223 LGT768212
LGT768218 LVS231 LVS232
M2274 MG760123 MG761104
MG761139 MGT760123 MGT760125
MGT761104 MGT761139 MGT76850
MTT616008 PGT626119 PGT626122
PGT626125 PGT628142 PGT628146
PGT651117 PGT657117 PGT660124
PGT760125 PGT760127 PGT761139
PGT761143 RAT360012 RAT360013A
RAT360014B RAT360025 RAT360029
RAT360031 RDT392238 S33311-112
S33311-113 S33311-115 S33311-123
S33311/113 S33311/123 SLT201610
SN200117 SN210696 SN210696*
SNT200117 SNT200191 SNT210693
SNT210696 SNT244106 SW651055
SW651110 SW651388 SW688003
SWT651055 SWT651110 SWT705299
TMT626068 TR210711 TRT125150
TRT210711 TRT626123 TRT630120