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AS9120 & ISO9001:2000 Approved

BORG WARNER bearing references

Please find below the current bearing references we have for BORG WARNER. If you don't see the bearing reference you are seeking for this OEM then please do not hesitate to contact us for prompt support.

02913099B 04-00-109-00IU 0400109001U
0435.025002X 0435025002X 0435134001J
0465134001K 1356-127-001 22013/4
3440154 3440155 3440156
3440757 3440776 3440829
3440962 3514A 3526
3529A 3529A 44889
47707 51632 61179
61402 61613/4 61619/4
61998 7128C 73C-43A
73C-43B 9904002578 9904024881Z
9904024883T 9904024883T 9904024885L
B207A B209A B307A
B308AGS B308AMGS DE5649
K19603 K19605 K19609
SK4721-109 SK4721-109A SK4721-109B
SK643A5103 T1832 T5101A
T87D32 T9833 T98A32
TA5068 TA5101A TB5102
TB5120 TC5102 TN10013
TN10058 TN10060 TN10081
TN1269 TN1641-7