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AS9120 & ISO9001:2000 Approved

BRITISH JEFFREY DIAMOND bearing references

Please find below the current bearing references we have for BRITISH JEFFREY DIAMOND. If you don't see the bearing reference you are seeking for this OEM then please do not hesitate to contact us for prompt support.

22313-9-467 22314-9-116 23162-9-317
23341-9-566 28301-028 28302-003
28302-133 28302-145 28302-176
28302-192 28302-228 28302-232
28302-283 28302-295 28302-359
28302-361 28302-377 28302-400
28303-008 28303-010 A18769
A20467 C6362 G16601
G21870 G21918 G21920
G21926 G21931 G21934
G21937 G21945 G21950
G22171 INDEX887 ML5800
Y4368 YO0397 YO1317
YO2038 YO2041 YO2049
YO2053 YO2056 YO2064
YO2069 YO2073 YO2075
YO2077 YO2081 YO2081
YO2082 YO2084 YO2085
YO2086 YO2087 YO2095
YO2103 YO2106 YO2108
YO2114 YO2116 YO2131
YO2133 YO2135 YO2137
YO2140 YO2152 YO2160
YO2165 YO2169 YO2175
YO2178 YO2180 YO2183
YO2187 YO2188 YO2192
YO2193 YO2196 YO2198
YO2203 YO2204 YO2206
YO2213 YO2214 YO2217
YO2221 YO2222 YO2226
YO2229 YO2230 YO2234
YO2235 YO2240 YO2244
YO2245 YO2249 YO2253
YO2259 YO2261 YO2263
YO2270 YO2271 YO2274
YO2283 YO2304 YO2313
YO2318 YO2319 YO2333
YO2344 YO2346 YO2351
YO2359 YO2387 YO2390
YO2397 YO2406 YO2420
YO2482 YO2483 YO2484
YO2522 YO2523 YO2772
YO2774 YO3386 YO3387
YO3388 YO3392 YO3393
YO3640 YO3689 YO3740
YO3784 YO3786 YO3797
YO3803 YO3815 YO3969
YO3998 YO4368 YO4407
YO4600 YO4601 YO4652
YO4653 YO4695 YO4699
YO4700 YO4705 YO4706
YO4922 Z105/H Z105/K
Z105/L Z108/TB Z109/R
Z112/B Z112/C Z112/D
Z112/E Z112/F Z112/H
Z112/J Z112/K Z112/L
Z112/M Z112/N Z112/P
Z112/R Z112/RS Z112/S
Z112/ST Z112/T Z112/TA
Z112/TB Z112/TD Z112/TF
Z112/TH Z112/TJ Z133M
Z133M/1 Z133S Z133ST
Z133T Z133TB Z133TB/1
Z133TD Z133TF Z133TF/1
Z133U Z133UH Z133UL
Z134/B Z134/C Z134/F
Z134/KW Z88/H Z89/TJ
Z91/S Z91/T Z91/TB
Z91/TL Z92/TF Z94/ST
Z94/TI Z95/TJ Z95/UF
Z96/S Z96/TB Z97/TB
Z98/P Z98/RS Z98/TF