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AS9120 & ISO9001:2000 Approved

CROSSLEY MOTORS bearing references

Please find below the current bearing references we have for CROSSLEY MOTORS. If you don't see the bearing reference you are seeking for this OEM then please do not hesitate to contact us for prompt support.

12203 13913 16436
16437 16438 18587
1973 2TG83SA 41247
41248 41249 41376
50912 50919 51236
52515 52524 52555
70284 70285 71037
71043 71057 72383
7944 8211 8212
8237 8655 A415
A495 B1497 B1503
B169 B316 B3468
B422 B4450 B4453
B7152 BT10 BT1057
BT1247 BT1261 BT1262
BT1263 BT1272 BT1274
BT1275 BT1307 BT1629
BT1736 BT2095 BT2112
BT2168 BT2261 BT2274
BT234 BT2377 BT2395
BT2436 BT2483 BT251
BT282 BT284 BT3096
BT315 BT3179 BT323
BT3248 BT3268 BT3342
BT3343 BT3372 BT3373
BT339 BT3410 BT3457
BT3458 BT3459 BT3460
BT3461 BT3462 BT3463
BT3464 BT3465 BT3466
BT3467 BT3468 BT3507
BT3508 BT3518 BT3529
BT3530 BT3539 BT3577
BT3628 BT3629 BT3639
BT3692 BT37 BT372
BT3737 BT3755 BT3756
BT3757 BT3765 BT3771
BT3785 BT3786 BT38
BT3837 BT3838 BT3847
BT3986 BT40 BT4098
BT4124 BT4183 BT4202
BT4204 BT4206 BT4207
BT4208 BT4209 BT4255
BT4261 BT427 BT432
BT439 BT440 BT4423
BT4424 BT4762 BT4763/4
BT4765 BT4836 BT510
BT5453 BT5454 BT5710
BT5832 BT5833 BT5834
BT5835 BT5836 BT586
BT588 BT589 BT593
BT67 BT785 BT798
BT887 BT89 BT897
BT944 BT945 BT967
BT968 C1682 C1683
C1684 C1684 C1685
C1685 C1686 C1890
C2279 C3038 C3038T
C3164 C3165 C46A
C4761 C6631 D1387
D1977 D2572 D3267
E11050 E16831 H951
HV1904 HV3417 HV3609
HV4143 HV5137 R1428
R163 R164 R1648
R165 R166 R1661
R2091 R2776 R3268
R3272 R3274 R3279
R3371 R614 R615
R616 RE1011 RE853
RE854 RE861 RE878
T1045 T1261 T1558/10
T2173/4 T2645/14 T4841/2
T991 TE3232 TE3233
TE5057 TG919/4/65 TP1266/32
TP1465/32 TP1465A/27 TR67528