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AS9120 & ISO9001:2000 Approved

FODEN bearing references

Please find below the current bearing references we have for FODEN. If you don't see the bearing reference you are seeking for this OEM then please do not hesitate to contact us for prompt support.

0418 0462/1 0473/2
05064408 05064408B 089/002
089/004 089/005 089/006
089/007 089/010 1/80
13001 13002 1937
1984 2/175 2/218
20107 2036 2156/1
2156/3 4/41 4/42
4/43 5/22 6631
6632 90130104 90130202
90130300 90130411 91570001
91580009 91580107 92380110
92380208 92380306 92380306
92380404 94460110 94490108
B104 B106 B107
B110 B111 B112
B114 B115 B116
B119 B12 B122
B123 B124 B125
B126 B127 B13
B130 B131 B132
B134 B135 B136
B137 B139 B14
B140 B141 B142
B143 B146 B147
B148 B149 B15
B150 B152 B153
B154 B155 B156
B157 B158 B16
B17 B18 B20
B22 B23 B24
B25 B26 B27
B28 B29 B30
B33 B34 B35
B36 B37 B41
B45 B47 B56
B57 B67 B68
B8 B83 B84
B86 B87 B92
B96 B98 C90130104
FD00066 FE07083 FE07088
FG02389 FG02390 FG02390
FG02391 FG02393 FGO2390
FL074/001 FL074/002 FL074/006
FL075/009 FL075/019 FL075/049
FL075/050 FL075/08 FL076/003
FL076/006 FL076/047 FL076/049
FL089/010 FL110SERIES FL113/010
FL113/015 FL113/1 FL113/10
FL113/11 FL113/12 FL113/13
FL113/14 FL113/15 FL113/2
FL113/3 FL113/4 FL113/5
FL113/6 FL113/7 FL113/8
FL113/9 FL114/1 FL114/2
FL114/3 FL114/4 FL114/5
FL114/6 FL114/7 FL114/8
FL114/9 FL172/1 FL172/2
FL172/3 FL172/4 FL172/5
FL172/6 FL192/1 FL192/10
FL192/11 FL192/12 FL192/13
FL192/14 FL192/15 FL192/16
FL192/17 FL192/18 FL192/2
FL192/3 FL192/4 FL192/5
FL192/6 FL192/7 FL192/8
FL192/9 FL254/1 FL256/1
FL386/10 FL386/12 FL386/13
FL386/14 FL386/18 FL386/4
FL386/8 FL386/9 FL448/1
FL448/2 FL74/1 FL74/10
FL74/11 FL74/12 FL74/13
FL74/14 FL74/15 FL74/16
FL74/17 FL74/2 FL74/3
FL74/4 FL74/5 FL74/6
FL74/7 FL74/8 FL74/9
FL75/1 FL75/10 FL75/11
FL75/12 FL75/13 FL75/14
FL75/15 FL75/16 FL75/17
FL75/18 FL75/19 FL75/2
FL75/20 FL75/21 FL75/22
FL75/23 FL75/24 FL75/25
FL75/26 FL75/27 FL75/28
FL75/29 FL75/3 FL75/30
FL75/31 FL75/32 FL75/33
FL75/34 FL75/35 FL75/36
FL75/37 FL75/38 FL75/39
FL75/4 FL75/40 FL75/41
FL75/42 FL75/43 FL75/44
FL75/45 FL75/46 FL75/47
FL75/48 FL75/49 FL75/5
FL75/50 FL75/51 FL75/52
FL75/53 FL75/54 FL75/6
FL75/7 FL75/8 FL75/9
FL76/1 FL76/10 FL76/11
FL76/12 FL76/13 FL76/14
FL76/15 FL76/16 FL76/17
FL76/18 FL76/19 FL76/2
FL76/20 FL76/21 FL76/22
FL76/23 FL76/24 FL76/25
FL76/26 FL76/27 FL76/28
FL76/29 FL76/3 FL76/30
FL76/31 FL76/32 FL76/33
FL76/34 FL76/35 FL76/36
FL76/37 FL76/38 FL76/39
FL76/4 FL76/40 FL76/41
FL76/42 FL76/43 FL76/44
FL76/45 FL76/46 FL76/47
FL76/48 FL76/49 FL76/5
FL76/50 FL76/51 FL76/52
FL76/53 FL76/54 FL76/55
FL76/56 FL76/57 FL76/58
FL76/59 FL76/6 FL76/60
FL76/61 FL76/62 FL76/63
FL76/64 FL76/65 FL76/7
FL76/8 FL76/9 FL77/1
FL77/2 FL77/3 FL77/4
FL80/1 FL80/2 FL80/3
FL80/4 FL80/5 FL80/6
FL81/11 FL81/9 FL84/179
FL89/1 FL89/10 FL89/11
FL89/12 FL89/13 FL89/14
FL89/15 FL89/16 FL89/17
FL89/18 FL89/2 FL89/3
FL89/4 FL89/5 FL89/6
FL89/7 FL89/8 FL89/9
FP355B FR88A LK2-143
LK3-69 LK4-47 LK4-48
LW2-155 LW3/43 LW4/43
LW5/23 N105 NMS53/16
NMS53/8 NMS54/1 R1110
R1240/1 R1240/2 R1241/1
R1246/1 R1246/2 R155/1
R156/1 R160/3 R160/4
R242/1 R242/2 R409/1
R412/1 R446/1 R446/2
R448/1 R448/2 R461/4
R581/3 R582/1 R582/2
R602/1 R642/1 R642/2
R65 S233 S234
S442 S443 S444
S445 S636 S637
S638 S68 S853
S854 S855 S856
S857 SD40640 SD67792
SD95152 X115A X144A
X48A X61A X62A
X64A X65A X66A
X67A X689 Y00926802
Y00926900 Y00927011 Y00927109
Y00927305 Y00927403 Y00927612
Y00927710 Y00927808 Y00927906
Y00928311 Y00928409 Y02279612
Y091/30104 Y91/30104 Y99016802