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AS9120 & ISO9001:2000 Approved

GENERAL ELECTRIC bearing references

Please find below the current bearing references we have for GENERAL ELECTRIC. If you don't see the bearing reference you are seeking for this OEM then please do not hesitate to contact us for prompt support.

1053020P1 1053820P1 1053820P1
1053955P1 1053955P1 1053955P1
105B1218 105B1218 105B1218
105B1222 105B1222 105B1222
105B1224 105B1224 105B1224
105B122G2 105B122G2 105B122G2
105B3487P5 105B3487P5 105B3487P5
105B3487P6 105B3487P6 105B3487P6
113B2552 113B2552 113B2552
113B3292 113B3292 113B3292
1280M43P02 1280M43P02 1280M43P02
1280M51 1280M51 1280M51
128M43P01 128M43P01 128M43P01
1336M28 1336M28 1336M28
1358M67P03 1358M67P03 1358M67P03
135C4039P1 135C4039P1 135C4039P1
1360M71P02 1360M71P02 1360M71P02
139978P01 139978P01 1399M78P01
153C6065 153C6065 153C6065
2003T61 2003T61 2003T61
2188M42 2188M42 2188M42
3002T23 3002T23 3002T23
3010T36 3010T36 3010T36
3013T56 3013T56 3013T56
30331M39 3033M39 3033M39
327B317 327B317 327B317
332C701 332C701 332C701
332C930P2 332C930P2 332C930P2
37C300435P101 37C300435P101 37C300435P101
37C300435P102 37C300435P102 37C300435P102
37C300435P104 37C300435P104 37C300435P104
37C30045 P103 37C30045 P103 37C30045 P103
37C301167 37C301167 37C301167
4 013129-660 4008T73 4008T73
4008T73 4010368-578P30 4010368-578P30
4010368-578P30 4012099-240 4012099-240
4012099-240 40123510528 40123510528
40123510528 4012377-070 4012377-070
4012377-70 4012377-70 4012377-70
4012377-70 40130&1-672P12 4013018-118
4013018-118 4013018-118 4013021-050
4013021-051 4013021-051 4013021-051
4013021-42 5 4013021-425 4013021-425
4013021-50 4013021-50 4013044-641P01
4013044-641P01 4013044-641P01 4013044-641P02
4013044-641P02 4013044-641P02 4013044-641P03
4013044-641P03 4013044-641P03 4013051-852-P02
4013051-852-P02 4013051-852-P02 4013051-852-P02
4013051-852-P02 4013051-852-P02 4013061-672P10
4013061-672P10 4013061-672P10 4013061-672P11
4013061-672P11 4013061-672P11 4013061-672P12
4013061-672P12 4013061-676G01 4013061-676G01
4013061-676G01 4013061-676G02 4013061-676G02
4013061-676G02 4013061-676G03 4013061-676G03
4013061-676G03 4013061-676G04 4013061-676G04
4013061-676G04 4013061-676G05 4013061-676G07
4013061-676G08 4013061-676G09 4013068-578-P29
4013068-578P31 4013068-578P32 4013068-578P33
4013068-578P34 4013068-578P37 4013096-762
40131-676G06 4013178-024P01 4013178-024P02
4013180-603 4013180-604 4013180-605
4013180-606 4013180-607 4013255-258
4013255-259 4013255-259 4013281-558-G02
4013281-558G01 401378-025P01 401378-025P02
401381—722 4013T11 4014179-805
4014T37P03 4014T37P04 4014T47
4019T99G01 4021T63 4040T59
40A3255-258 415B576P2 416B505-1
416B505-2 416B505-3 416B505-4
416B608 5000M22 5008M45
5008M70P1 5008M70P2 5013M38
5013M38P03 5015M30P1 5015M75
5015M76 5039M62 5039M63
577C196P1 577C947 578C142
578C142 578C142 612A306P1
612A306P1 612A306P1 612A306P2
612A306P2 612A306P2 669B696
669B696 669B696 683C603
683C603 683C603 691C778-3
691C778-3 691C778-3 691C966
691C966 691C996 7019M81
7019M81 7019M81 7019M82
7019M82 7019M82 7020M38
7020M38 7020M38 7020M41
7020M41 7020M41 7022M54
7022M54 7022M54 7022M58
7022M58 7022M58 7033M39
7033M39 7033M39 705302
705302 705302 705494
705494 705494 705B255
705B255 705B255 705B488
705B488 705B488 7063M79
7063M79 7063M79 7063M80
7063M80 7063M80 706B161P10
706B161P10 706B161P10 706B161P11
706B161P11 706B161P11 706B161P12
706B161P12 706B161P12 706B161P9
706B161P9 706B161P9 706B173
706B173 706B173 706B174
706B174 706B174 706B306P1
706B306P1 706B306P1 706B306P10
706B306P10 706B306P10 706B306P4
706B306P4 706B306P4 706B413P1
706B413P1 706B413P1 706B413P2
706B413P2 706B413P2 706B878P7
706B878P7 706B878P7 707B909
707B909 707B909 708B482P1
708B482P1 708B482P1 708B482P2
708B482P2 708B482P2 708B482P4
708B482P4 708B482P4 724C869
724C869 724C869 7453060P1
7453060P1 7453060P1 7453060P2
7453060P2 7453060P2 806B14
806B14 806B414 867C313
867C313 867C313 867C466
867C466 867C466 867C538
867C538 867C538 867C539
867C539 867C539 867C543
867C543 867C543 8956347-356
8956347-356 8956347-356 9006M86
9006M86 9006M86 9009M69
9009M69 9009M69 9048M33P02
9048M33P02 9048M33P02 9048M34P02
9048M34P02 9048M34P02 9068M23
9068M23 9068M23 9077M81
9077M81 9077M81 907M20P04
907M20P04 9108M36 9108M36
9108M36 913B276-1 913B276-1
913B276-1 913B276-2 913B276-2
913B276-2 914B178 914B178
914B178 9181M37G01 9181M38
9181M38 9181M38 9181M40
9181M40 9181M40 918M37G01
918M37G01 9195M10 9196M30G01
9196M30G01 9196M30G01 9196M31G01
9196M31G01 9196M31G01 9196M31G02
9196M31G02 9196M31G02 9196M32G01
9196M32G01 9196M32G01 9196M37P01
9196M37P01 9196M37P01 9196M38P01
9196M38P01 9196M38P01 9196M38P04
9196M38P04 9196M38P04 9196M39P01
9196M40 9196M40 9196M40
9202M89 9202M89 9202M89
9202M89P14 9202M89P14 9202M89P14
9202M91 9202M91 9202M91
9202M92 9202M92 9202M92
9204M13 9204M13 9204M13
9223M35P01 9223M35P01 9223M35P01
9223M35P03 9223M35P03 9223M35P03
9232M45P02 9232M45P02 9232M45P02
9244M76 9244M76 9244M76
9331M19 9331M19 9331M19
9331M49 9331M49 9331M49
9331M50 9331M50 9331M50
9334M97 9334M97 9334M97
9334M98 9334M98 9334M98
9341M89 9341M89 9341M89
9372M98 9372M98 9372M98
9505M23 9505M23 9505M23
9505M34 9505M34 9505M34
9505M47 9505M47 9505M47
9507M20P03 9507M20P03 9507M20P03
9507M20P04 9507M21P03 9507M21P03
9507M21P03 9507M21P04 9507M21P04
9507M21P04 9508M56G11 9508M56G11
9508M56G11 9509M25P02 9509M25P02
9509M25P02 9509M25P06 9509M25P06
9509M25P06 9526M45P02 9526M45P02
9526M45P02 9526M98P01 9526M98P01
9526M98P01 9526M98P02 9526M98P02
9526M98P02 9530M58P02 9530M58P02
9530M58P02 9540M94P02 9540M94P02
9540M94P02 9542M40 9542M40
9542M40 9542M41P03 9542M41P03
9542M41P03 9609M07 9609M07
9609M07 9609M07P05 9609M07P05
9609M07P05 9609M07P06 9609M07P06
9609M07P06 9609M07P07 9609M07P07
9609M07P07 9609M07P08 9609M07P08
9609M08 9609M08 9609M08
9609M09 9609M09 9609M09
9609M09P01 9609M09P01 9609M09P01
9609M09P01 9609M09P01 9609M09P03
9609M09P05 9609M09P05 9609M09P05
9609M09P06 9609M09P06 9609M09P06
9609M09P08 9609M09P08 9609M09P08
9609M12 9609M12 9609M12
9633M07P07 9633M07P07 9633M07P7
9634M58 9634M58 9634M58
9634M59 9634M59 9634M59
9634M60 9634M60 9634M60
9634M98 9634M98 9634M98
9643M88 9643M88 9643M88
9649M41 9649M41 9649M41
9658M61 9658M61 9658M61
9658M61P02 9658M61P02 9658M61P02
969M07P08 9704M18P3 9704M18P3
9704M18P3 9704M18P4 9704M18P4
9704M18P4 9705M25 9705M25
9705M25 9705M26 9705M26
9705M26 9705M27 9705M27
9705M27 9705M41 9705M41
9705M41 9707M91G01 9707M91G01
9707M91G01 9707M91G03 9707M91G03
9707M91G03 9708M10G03 9708M10G03
9708M10G03 9708M10G04 9708M10G04
9708M10G04 9708M10G05 9708M10G05
9708M10G05 9708M10G06 9708M10G06
9708M10G06 9708M10G07 9708M10G07
9708M10G07 9708M10G08 9708M10G08
9708M10G08 9708M11P01 9708M11P01
9708M11P01 9708M11P02 9708M11P02
9708M11P02 9708M11P03 9708M11P03
9708M11P03 9708M11P04 9708M11P04
9708M11P04 9708M11P05 9708M11P05
9708M11P05 9708M11P06 9708M11P06
9708M11P06 9708M11P07 9708M11P07
9708M11P08 9708M11P08 9708M11P08
9708M25 9708M25 9708M25
9708M91G03 9708M91G03 9708M91G03
9715M67 9715M67 9715M67
9715M67P04 9715M67P04 9715M67P04
9716M73P06 9716M73P06 9716M73P06
9716M73P07 9716M73P07 9716M73P07
9716M73P08 9716M73P08 9716M73P08
9722M45 9722M45 9722M45
9727M13 9727M13 9727M13
9733M66P04 9733M66P04 9733M66P04
9733M68G05 9733M68G05 9733M68G05
9733M68G06 9733M68G06 9733M68G06
9782M91 9782M91 9782M91
9794M74 9794M74 9794M74
9794M75 9794M75 9794M75
9811M90P01 9811M90P01 9811M90P01
9811M90P02 9811M90P02 9811M90P02
9811M90P03 9811M90P03 9811M90P03
9811M90P04 9811M90P04 9811M90P04
9831M05 9831M05 9831M05
9839M54P01 9839M54P01 9839M54P01
9840M50P04 9840M50P04 9841M96P05
9841M96P05 9841M96P05 9841M96P06
9841M96P06 9841M96P06 9842M10
9842M10 9842M10 9842M38
9842M38 9842M38 9851M14P05
9851M14P05 9851M14P05 9851M14P06
9851M14P06 9851M14P06 98540M50P04
9859M41 9859M41 9859M41
9859M42 9859M42 9859M42
9859M43 9859M43 9859M43
9870M11P07 9913M10P03 9913M10P03
9913M10P03 9913M10P04 9913M10P04
9913M10P04 9914M96P03 9914M96P03
9914M96P03 9918M49P01 9918M49P01
9918M49P01 9918M49P02 9918M49P02
9918M49P02 9918M69 9918M69
9918M69 9918M77 9918M77
9918M77 9921M60 9921M60
9921M60 9922M96P02 9922M96P02
9922M96P02 9940M78P03 9940M78P03
9940M78P03 9943M35P02 9943M35P02
9943M35P02 994M82P02 9965M61
9965M61 9965M61 9965M61P01
9965M61P01 9965M61P01 9965M61P06
9965M61P06 9965M61P06 9965M61P09
9965M61P09 9965M61P09 9965M62
9965M62 9965M62 9994M75P02
9994M75P02 9994M75P02 9994M76P02
9994M76P02 9994M76P02 9994M82P02
9994M82P02 9994M85 9994M85
9994M85 CJ80523C CJ80523C
CJ80523C CJ805J3C CJ805J3C
CJ805J3C HCD1140 HCD1140
HCD1140 HCD1141 HCD1141
HCD1141 J1168 J1168
J1168 L14148 L14148
L14148 L21077P02 L21077P02
L21353 L21353 L21353
L21420P02 L21420P02 L21420P02
L21438P03 L21438P04 L21438P04
L21438P04 L21438P3 L21438P3
L22068 L22068 L22068
L22068P07 L22068P07 L22068P07
L22068P07 L22068P07 L22068P07
L24983 L24983 L24983
L24984 L24984 L24984
L31D07P05 L31D07P05 L31D07P05
MS14103-12C MS14103-12C MS14103-12C
TR61-20 TR61-20 TR61-20