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AS9120 & ISO9001:2000 Approved

GKN bearing references

Please find below the current bearing references we have for GKN. If you don't see the bearing reference you are seeking for this OEM then please do not hesitate to contact us for prompt support.

12HU025-001 206140 206143
209274 209286 209309
209333 220030 220031
220185 220257 220385
220386 220392 25.17001.00004
261476600717 3508-35014 5108-40014
5964/41 5HA025-11 5HA025-11
6008-45014 60118 7008-55014
8232/416 9239/127 9690/127
CRD12466 E06905-001 E06998-001
FV2035654 FV2152412 N60020
N60021 N60112 N60489
SL292/1 SL292/10 SL292/11
SL292/14 SL292/15 SL292/17
SL292/2 SL292/21 SL292/22
SL292/3 SL292/4 SL292/5
SL292/6 SL292/8 SL292/9
SL293/1 SL293/10 SL293/12
SL293/2 SL293/3 SL293/4
SL293/5 SL293/6 SL293/7
SL293/8 SL293/9 SL294/1
SL294/2 SL295/1 SL295/3
SL297/2 SL299/1 SL299/10
SL299/12 SL299/13 SL299/14
SL299/15 SL299/16 SL299/3
SL299/5 SL299/8 SL299/9
SL300/3 SL300/4 SL300/6
SL303/1 SL304/1 SL305/1
SL305/2 SL305/3 SL305/4
SL305/5 SL305/6 SL306/2
SL307/1 SL800/1 SL800/2
XP99-0651 Y100-0414