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AS9120 & ISO9001:2000 Approved

PAXMAN DIESELS bearing references

Please find below the current bearing references we have for PAXMAN DIESELS. If you don't see the bearing reference you are seeking for this OEM then please do not hesitate to contact us for prompt support.

024102 024103 024106
024108 026704 026709
026800 026801 026802
026803 026804 026805
026806 026807 026808
026809 026810 026811
026812 026813 026814
026815 026816 026818
026821 B0S2112 BOS2112
BOS2118 BOS2118 BOS2499
BOS2499 BOS3810 BOS3810
BOS3827 BOS3827 BOS3857
BOS3857 BOS3900 BOS3900
ND10770 ND10770 ND1190
ND1190 ND20542 ND20542
ND20543 ND20543 ND2099
ND2537 ND31128 ND31128
ND31129 ND55285 ND55285
ND55287 ND61246 ND61248
ND95104 NM60457 NM60457
NM60458 NM60458 NM60458
NM620521 NM620522 NM620523
NM620523 NM620524 NM62107
NM62107 NM62108 NM62108
NM62108 NM62109 NM62109
NM62640 NM62640 NM626891
NM626891 NM62690 NM62690
NM626921 NM627241 NM627241
NM629531 NM629531 NM63136
NM63136 NM63504 NM63504
NM63582 NM63582 NM63582
NM63583 NM635831 NM64019
NM64019 NM64026 NM64026
NM64026 NM64730 NM64730
NM64855 NM65129 NM72434/1
NM72434/1 NM73569 NM753672
NM753672 NM75773/1 NM75773/1
NM75773/1 NM75944/1 NM75944/1
NM75944/1 NM76386/1 NM77164
NM77164 NM805631 NM805631
NM80818 NM80818 NM80818
NM80819 NM80819 NM80819
NM80820 NM80820 NM80822
NM80822 NM80822 NM80823
NM80823 NM80824 NM80824
NM80824 NM81330 NM81330
NM81348 NM81348 NM81350
NM81350 NM81352 NM81352
NM81353 NM81353 NM81354
NM81354 NM81355 NM81355
NM81355 NM81361 NM81361
NM81361 NM81362 NM81362
NM81363 NM81363 NM81363
NM81364 NM81364 NM81364
NM81436 NM81436 NM81437
NM81437 NM81437 NM81520
NM81520 NM81520 NM81522
NM81522 NM81526 NM81526
NM81591 NM81591 NM81641
NM81641 NM83633 NM83633
NM85027 NM85027 NM85532
NM85532 NM85532 NM86493
NM86493 NM86493 NM886421
NM886421 NM89451 NM89451
NM95386 NM95386 NM95387
NM95387 NM953881 NM953881
NM95505 NM95505 NM95506
NM95506 NM95506 NM97200
NM97200 NM97860 NM98438
NM98438 NM98439 NM98439
NM98449 NM98449 NM98463
NM98463 NM98463 NM98464
NM98464 OD29413 OD29413
OD29692 OD29692 OD29776
OD29776 OD29776 OD30043
OD30043 S465597 ST024205
ST026709 ST351003 ST351004
ST351005 ST351006 ST351007