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AS9120 & ISO9001:2000 Approved

ROLLS ROYCE bearing references

Please find below the current bearing references we have for ROLLS ROYCE. If you don't see the bearing reference you are seeking for this OEM then please do not hesitate to contact us for prompt support.

09086/004/2 0E1378 100/0004
100/0006 100/0014 100/0026
100/0030 100/0034 100/0038
100/0046 100/0050 100/0054
100/0060 100/0070 100/0072
100/0078 100/0084 100/0097
100/0103 100/0126 100/0134
100/0146 100/0158 100/0162
100/0170 100/0174 100/0182
100/0190 100/0194 100/0198
100/0202 100/0208 100/0216
100/0220 100/0234 100/0236
100/0240 100/0244 100/0248
100/0252 100/0256 100/0260
100/0264 100/0266 100/0268
100/0276 100/0280 100/0284
100/0288 100/0292 100/0296
100/0308 100/0312 100/0336
100/0364 100/0368 100/0380
100/0384 100/0388 100/0424
100/0432 100/0436 100/0440
100/0446 100/1002 150/0250
216/286 216/36 216/4111
216/4851 216/6053 216/6417
216/6478 216/6899 216/7010
216/7400 216/79 216/80
216/81 216/82 216/83
216/84 216/85 216/86
300P/06111/105/0 907129 9414421
AEE209 AJ145658 AJ147489
AJ414421 AJ453621 AJ6774968
AJ6775757 AJ6775758 AJ903011
BC31326 BL4515 BL5575
C915.801.07/U CC1035 CC1119
CC348 CC349 CC350
CC393 CC724 CC876
CC877 CD660 CD961
CD962 CD986 CD987
CD988 CE11793 CK1957
CK2190 CK2598 CK2599
CK3507 CK3508 CK4676
CPM69 CPM70 CT1179658
CV1362 CV393 CV5037
CV5038 CV5137 CV5322
CV5322 CV5323 CV5536
CV5536 CV9121 CV9121
D51269 D51497 D51587
DE14155 E/M10257 E2632
E2633 E2634 E2637
E2638 E50301 E50302
E72218 EM10019 EM10257
F61471 F6974 FV145929
FV146078 FV146146 FV146200
FV146202 FV146301 FV14687
FV147021 FV451804 FV451933
FV451963 FV452010 FV452023
FV452130 FV452224 FV452225
FV454098 FV669722 FV669812
FV670152 FV670153 FV670158
FV670551 FW911 G23343
G53864 G54269 G73346
G76879 G77242 G78344
G78345 G83343 G83388
G84404 GA406 GB1386
GB1467 GB2149 GB2149
GB2680 GB3254 GB3501
GB4080 GB432 GB4472
GB5282 GNR3116 GW1807
GW1809 GW1881 GW1979
GW1979 GW2264 LC10247
LC10282 LC1031 LC10337
LC1065TO9 LC10733 LC1085
LC1124 LC120 LC1335
LC1682 LC1863 LC1963
LC2056TO61 LC217 LC2204TO7
LC2310TO6 LC2323 LC2393
LC2415 LC245 LC246
LC2752 LC2921 LC2922
LC3019 LC3092 LC3258
LC3385 LC3389 LC3390
LC350 LC351 LC3792
LC396 LC4252 LC4785
LC4825 LC5232 LC562
LC563 LC567 LC5682
LC5683TO4 LC5818 LC617
LC681 LC918 LC921
LD10024 LD10080 LK63200
NX7320 OD11471 OD13170
OD2216 OD2217 OD2331
OD2465 OD2984 OD3232
OD6685 OD7049 OE10048
OE10049 OE10142 OE10142
OE10558 OE12363 OE13171
OE1332 OE13346 OE13595
OE1374 OE1376 OE1378
OE1380 OE1382 OE14155
OE1427 OE1427 OE14278
OE1428 OE16310 OE16348
OE16349 OE17742 OE17924
OE17925 OE17995 OE2130
OE22272 OE23278 OE23281
OE23288 OE29441 OE30023
OE30356 OE30441 OE32092
OE32826 OE33063 OE33877
OE33878 OE34094 OE34429
OE34439 OE34440 OE37179
OE40563 OE40564 OE43975
OE44687 OE46337 OE46563
OE46659 OE46742 OE48464
OE49171 OE5051 OE5131
OE5132 OE5145 OE5146
OE5641 OE9083 OE939
OE9527 OE9817 OE9817
OE9911 OG1182 OG1381
OG1383 OG1399 OG1428
OG1430 OG1619 OG1714
OG1728 OG1982 OG2015
OG2018 OG2130 OG2142
OG2280 OG3403 OG3688
OG3984 OG3985 OG697
OG698 OG699 OG701
OG808 OW1427 RB5821
RD3957 RD3958 RD4383
RD6204 RD8526 RE11494
RE12005 RE12055 RE12055
RE12986 RE13183 RE13184
RE13758 RE14376 RE14467
RE16987 RE17536 RE17537
RE17538 RE17539 RE19121
RE19230 RE21363 RE22506
RE22507 RE22510 RE22511
RE22513 RE22518 RE22520
RE22527 RE22546 RE22547
RE22548 RE22648 RE22688
RE22701 RE22703 RE22889
RE22890 RE23122 RE23123
RE23298 RE23628 RE24549
RE24638 RE24639 RE24640
RE25036 RE25037 RE25038
RE25125 RE25140 RE25890
RE25891 RE25895 RE25926
RE25927 RE25997 RE25998
RE26420 RE26421 RE26423
RE3523 RE5850 RE6209
RE7068 RE7723 RE7724
RE7882 RE9276 REP13598
REP19420 REP19945 REP6437
RF3176 RF5438 RF6907
RF7364 RF7365 RF7486
RF7488 RF8364 RF8366
RF8789 RF8897 RG3100
RG4445 RG44454 RG4446
RG4447 RG4448 RG4449
RG4454 RG5431 RG5656
RG5958 RG6087 RG6131
RG6209 RG6587 RG6590
RG6594 RG6627 RG7080
RG7081 RG7082 RG7084
RG7155 RG8072 RG8104
RG8205 RG8262 RG8409
RH7012 RH8937 RNP936
SPC1591 SPC1592 SPC1593
SPC1670 SPC1671 SPC1908
SPC1909 SPC1914 SPM1309
SPM1310 SPM1489 SPM1762
SPM1921 SPM1921 UB16178
UB2275 UB2276 UB40248
UE14337 UE30097 UE30173
UE31856 UE31858 UE34455
UE34455 UE34879 UE37105
UE3802 UE3841 UE39145
UE5279 UE532 UE595
UE6008 UE6601 UE70753
UE9978 UE9987 UG10007
UG10140 UG10341 UG10891
UG11083 UG11687 UG13538TO87
UG1577 UG1578 UG1579
UG1580 UG1581 UG1582
UG206 UG206 UG2241
UG2242 UG3631 UG3756
UG614 UG717 UH11083
UM10061 UM10098 UM10103
UM10110 UM10167 UM10168
UM10208 UM10209 UR10289
UR10299 UR10318 UR10401
UR11085 UR14337 UR15443
UR1695 UR3248 UR3361
UR721 UR8013 UX2598
UX2599 UX52563E UX5897
UX5966 UX7285 UX7646
VH11083 WK11134 WK11268