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RBC Aerospace Bearings The RBC group of companies includes:

Between these three major plants a large majority of the worlds military specification (MS or Mil-Spec) bearings are made. Using the latest aerospace bearing production methods and technology, the RBC Aerospace Group produces a diverse range of standard and specialist aerospace bearings. From standard the KP4 and MS14101 series bearings to the complex Chinook swash plate bearings, RBC has culminated many years of design and manufacturing experience.

With aerospace costs being ever further scrutinised by aircraft operators, the RBC aerospace bearing group can now offer bearing refurbishment on a broad range of products. For further information click the Industrial Tectonic Bearings capabilities link or the Transport Dynamics refurbishment capabilities link.

To find out more about the RBC Aerospace bearing range, please use the PDF files below.

Aerospace applications (overview)

Aerospace plain bearings

Aerospace rolling element bearings

Special and space application bearings

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