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Reverse and re-engineering of components

Bearing repair>Plain bearing repair>Reverse and re-engineering of components

At some point in a components life it is not unusually for that component to go out of tolerance and beyond repair. The component may well have suffered other damage, which is beyond repair. For this reason AHR can offer access to re-engineering facilities. This has proved popular where the OEM part is on a long lead-time or the cost is prohibitive to the entire project. The OEM part may also be obsolete which is an increasing factor in todayís world.

Re-Engineering services include the following:

  • Quality standards inline with customer requirements
  • Component evaluations at various stages
  • Thorough material analysis
  • Upgrade Analysis
  • Drawing creation
  • Design validation
  • Full drawing approval and validation

In many cases components can be quite a few years old and when originally designed, machining accuracies and improved materials where not available. For this reason. improved components can be provided almost be default. In the case where materials use to wear rapidly, new materials can be employed to resist this wear to a far better degree.

These increased incremental changes to dimensional tolerance control and the introduction of better materials for re-designed replacement components are always done in accordance with the customerís specifications and guidance.

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