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Bearing enquiry system - your options

AHR Internartional gives you three options for making bearing enquiries.

1) Via our standard web form designed for one off or ocassional enquires.

2) Via our Logon page designed for regular customers. The logon page allows you to make very quick requests as all your contact details are stored on our database. All you have to do is logon, enter your part number and quantity and send it to us, thats it!

3) Via our Simple to use stand alone PC application designed for regular and high frequency customers. The specially designed software has been specifically developed by AHR in house and provides a simple toolbar where you can continually enter enquiries without using email or even a web browser. Your enquiries are placed directly on our RFQ system and are dealt with immediately. The application is totally free to users who register thier wish to use the software. A username and password will be supplied upon succesful application for use.

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