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White metal bearing repair

Bearing repair>Plain bearing repair>White metal bearing repair

When white metal bearings are rebuilt it is usual to use only pure virgin white metal. The bonding interface between the virgin white metal and the backing material is checked against ISO standard 4386-1 (ultrasound scan) to observe any irregularities and to greatly reduce the chance of component failure through poor bonding. If however you have your own procedures for bearing repair then these can also be accommodated.

There are many factors involved to ensure a completely successful repair of a white metal bearing. These include:

  • A strict quality control process
  • An extensive knowledge of metallurgical casting techniques
  • An extensive knowledge and practical experience of tribology
  • An extensive knowledge of oil film lubrication (hydrodynamic effects)

Spin casting is the most reliable and effective way of repairing white metal bearings. AHR has access to casting machines, which have capacities in excess of 1200mm. Typical bearing types and assemblies which can benefit from repair include:

  • Thrust pads
  • Tilt thrust pads
  • Journal pads
  • Sealing rings
  • Split bearings
  • Shell bearings
  • Thrust and journal bearings
  • Complete thrust assemblies

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