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AS9120 & ISO9001:2000 Approved

FORD bearing references

Please find below the current bearing references we have for FORD. If you don't see the bearing reference you are seeking for this OEM then please do not hesitate to contact us for prompt support.

0280565 02NNB745A 0556205
0556205 100E8530 100E8530
105E1225A 105E1225A2 105E4B/7-12
105E5425B 105E7025A 105E7025A
105E7065 105E7065B 105E7065B7B3
105E7065B7B3 105E7580A&B 105E7580B
105E7580C3 105E8501A 105E8505B
105E8512 105E8530 105E8576C
107E7580 109E1165 109E7580B
109E7584 11-0558ES 11-407126
11-407531 11-408338 11-417061
11-419667 11-449746 11-527297
11-528406 11-528446 11-544270
11-556205 11-558330 110556ESB
110557ES 110557ES 110558ES
113E7065 113E7065A 113E7065A
113E7065A 113E7120 11419665
11419668 11419815Z 11419817
11428117 11527279 11550311
11693714 119805ES 119810ES
119811ES 119812ES 119815ES
119816ES 119818ES 11A3110A
11A3110A1 125E7571 1429742
1429744 1430571 1458469
1471527 1473980 1493254
1493255 1497289 1500004
1500226 1501249 1501250
1504582 1507845 1508162
1508164 1509809 1509810
1513917 1516282 1522967
1522968 1522969 1522971
1522976 1522977 1522978
1522979 1524905 1525625
1525628 1525632 1525637
1525641 1525642 1525643
1525644 1525645 1525646
1525648 1525650 1525655
1525656 1525662 1526888
1537696 1544189 1544190
1544191 1554189 1554190
1554191 1555006 1555007
1555007 1564110 1564110
1571780 169024 1707631
1708405 1708406 1709682
1710826 1711483 1714327
1734674 1738353 1796654
18-4625A2 1813338 1824478
19-1225 19-7065 19812ES
19E10094 19E7580B 1P7025C
1P77173B 1P77825D 2000E4625A
2000E7580A 2000E7580B 2000E7580D
2000E7580E 2002E3123B 2002E7025D
2002E7065A 2002E7118B 2002E7121B
2002E7580A 2002E7580B 2002E7580B2
2002E7580C2A 2002E7600A 204E1215
204E1225 204E1225B 204E1225B
204E1225B2 2060E7571 206E7536
2111E1225A1/2 211E-7065-A 211E5426A1
211E5426A1 211E7025 211E7025A1/2
211E7065A 211E7065A1 211E7065A1-4
211E7121 211E7B342 211E8501
213E1225 21C5344A2 21C5791A
2400E10094A 2400E7548C&D 2400E7571A
2400E7580B 2400E7580BC 2400E7580C
2400E7580C1 2400E7580D 2402E4812A
2701E6K043 2701E6K043 2701E6K043&5
2701E6K044 2701E6K045 2701E8639A
2720E7600B 2720E8626 2724E8501A
2724E8530B 2730E7600A 2802E7065A
2802E7679A 2802E7K691A 2807E7025D2
2807E7065D 2807E7118D 2807E7118D2
2807E7121A 2807E7121E 2808E7025B
2808E7025C 2808E7025D 2808E7065A
2808E7118A 2808E7118A2 2808E7118D2
2808E7121A 2808E7121A2 2808E7A043D1&D2
2808E7K335D1&D2 2809E7121B1 2822E7065B
2900E4858B 2901E4858A 2901E4858B
2902E4858 2910E1238A 2910E1238A2
2910E4K042A 2910E4K042A/B 2910E4K044
2910E4K044A 2925E1225A 2925E1225B
2925E1225B1 2925E1225C 2950E1225A2
2950E1225A4 2950E1225EA1 29AS7580
3004E7548A,A2 3004E7561A 3004E7571A
3004E7580A 3004E7615A 3008E1238
3008E2K028 3008E3K031A 3008E3K031B2
3008E7548A 3008E7571A 3008E7580A
3014E7548C 3014E7548C1&C2 3014E7561D&C
3014E7571C 3014E7580A 3014E7580A2&B
3014E7580B2 3014E7580C 3014E7580C1&C2
3014E7580C3 3014E7615C 3020E4812A
3024E7548A1 3024E7548C2 3024E7548D1
3024E7571E 3024E7571F 3024E7580A
3024E7580A2 3035G7065D 3038E7548A
3038E7548A/1/2 3038E7548A1&A2 3038E7548A1/2
3038E7571A 3038E7580A 313242
353075S 353076S 353077S
353078S 353080S 353081GS
353081GS 353081S 353081S
353082S 353083S 353506GS&E
354069S 354561S 357186S
358074S 358081S 370920S
37092OS 371022S 373935S
376212GS&E 378323S 379441S
382262S 382262S&E 40-7580
400E1225 400E1225A1 400E1225A2
48-7553 481649 487569
49895A138 5000365 5000367
5000384 5000388 5000390
5000421 5000474 5000475
5002593 5009942 5009943
508E2K913 508E3123B 508E4625
508E4666 508E4829 508E5C1-11
508E5C1-23 508E7025B1/2 508E7025C
508E7025C1 508E7025C2 508E7065
508E7065A1/2 508E7065B 508E7065B1
508E7120 508E7580A&B 508E7600A&B
508E7600B 51A3110A1 51E4626
524E4625A 524E7025A 524E7065A
524E7127A 528446 540E4625
5811301238 5811301290 601E4829
6036596 6042593 6051766
6052910 6075267 6075770
6091026 6091027 61-4625
6124270 6124271 621E7600A1/2
682F8530AA 68AB7548AA 68AB7571AA
68VB1175AA 68VB7548AA 691F8501CA
692F8626AA 69AG7025A2A 69EG-7065-AA
69EG4812AA 69EG7065AA 69EG7065AA
69ZG7025A2A 70-1-34 70DB-7580-C1A
70DB7580A1A 70DB7580A2A&AA 70DB7580A2A&AA
70DB7580AA 70DB7580AA 70DB7580B1A
70DB7580B1A 70DB7580B2A&BA 70DB7580B2A&BA
70DB7580C1A 70DB7580C1A 70DB7580C2A&CA
70DB7580C2A&CA 70DB7580CA 70EB7548A1A
70EB757AA 70EG1225A2A 70EG1225A2A
70EG1225A3A 70EG1225AA 70GG7025A1A
70GG7025AA 70GG7025AA 70GG7065AB
70GG7065AB 70HF8501BA 70HF8530AA,A2A
70VB-7548-DC 70VB7548AB,AC 70VB7548AC
70VB7548BB,BC 70VB7548CB,CC 70VB7548CC
70VB7548CC 70VB7548DC 70VB7548DC
70VB7571AB,AC 70VB7571BB,BC 70VB7571CC
70VB7580A2A,B 70VB7580A2B 70VB7580AC
70VB7580BA,B2B 710X1215RA 715A8530
715E8K624AAB 715F6A265AAA 715F6K2872
715F8530AA2B 715F8530ABA 715F8530ACA
71AB7548A1A 71AB7548A2A 71AB7548AA
71AB7548B1A 71AB7548B1A 71AB7548BA
71AB7571AA 71BB3K719AA 71BB7548CC
71BB7548G1A 71BB7548H1A 71BB7548J1A
71BB7548KC 71BB7548LC 71BB7548M1A
71BB7571EA 71BB7571FA 71BB7571GA
71BB7571HC 71BB7571JC 71BB7571K1C
71BB7571KA 71BB7580C1A,C2A 71BB7L525
71BB7L525A 71BG1225A2B 71BG1225AB
71BG1225B1B 71BG1225B3A 71BG1225B4A
71BG4220A1O 71BG4812AA 71BG7025AB
71BG7025AB 71BG7065AA 71WG7121A
723F8530GA2B 723F8530GAB 723F8530GAB
72AA7571AA 72AB3K719AA 72BB7548A1B
72BB7548AB 72DA3B736AA 72DB4625AA
72GB1238A1A,A2A 72GB1238A3A 72GB3K719A1A
72GB4K017BB 72GB4K024CA,DA 72GB75801
72GG004K215BA2 72GG4K044A1&A2 72GG4K044A5A
72GG4K215BA1 72GG4K215BA3 72GG7065AA
72KB4829AA 72LB7548AA 72VB7548AA
73AB7580A1A 73TF8530AB 74-7580B
74-7580BA 745F8530AAA 745F8530AAB
745F8530AAB 74DT7D025AA 74DT7D065AA
74GB17B442AA 74GG4642A6A 74GG4642BA
74HB7600A3A 74HB7600AA 74HF8530A&AA
74HF8530AA 74HF8530B26 75AB7548AA
75BB7548AA 75BB7548BA 75VB12253
75VB1225AA 75VB1225AA/OX 76BG1225A1A
76BG1225AA 76DA7548A2A 771F8501AB
771F8530AA 773F6A653AA 773F86262
77BB7548AB 77BF-8530-AB 77BF8501BA
77BF8530AB 77DB3123AA 77DB3123AA
77DB3123AA 77FB7548AB 77FB7548BA
77FB7548CA 77TT7025AA 77TT7025BA
77TT7065AA 77TT7A043AA 78-4642
78-7580&A 78-7580A 78DA7548AA
78DB7600AA 78DB7600AA 78DB7600AA*
78DB7600AA** 78HD8530AA 78HF8530AA
78TF8530AA 78TT4642AA 78VB7548AA
78VB7548BA 7910094 79192394
79271352 7941C3831 7944C1706
7944C1762 7954C11612 795F7600AAA
7978H.0.4.25 7978H.0.5.271 7978H.0.5.279
7978H.3.4.401 7978H.3.4.433 7978H17242
7978R10542 7978R205/26 79DB7K230AB
79JT7120AA 7EQ3109 7EQ7065
7EQ7580A&B 7HA8550 7V3123C
7W1236 7W7560 8005AA.04.005
8017AA.0.Y.021 8019L.2.4.86 8035.
8035L.1.7.28 8036C.1.53 80AB7548AA
80BB7548AA 80BB7548BA 80DA8530AA
80VB7548AA 80VB7548BA 816F8K6241A
816F8K624F1A 81DB3123A1A 81DB3123AA
81DB3123AA 81DB3123B1A 81DB3123B1A
81DB3123C1A 81DB3123CA 81DB3123CA
81DB3123D1A 81DB3123E1A 81DB3123F1A
81DB3123FA 81DB7121AA 81DB7580A1A&AA
81DB7580AA 81DB7580AA 81SF8530A1C
81SF8530A2C 81SF8530AB 81SF8530AC
81T4625A2 81T4625MA1 81TT7025BA
81TT7065AA 81TT7205AA 81TT7A043-AA
81TT7A043AA 81TT7A043AA 823F85302C
826F85301G 826F8530AA 826F8530DA1A
826F8530EA1A 826F8530EA1A 826F8530EA1A
826F8530EAA 826F8530EAA 82HF-8530-AA
82HF8530AA 82HF8530BA 839T7025AA
839T7065AA 839T7121AA 83BB3K099AB
83BB7548AA 83BB7548BA 83BB7548CA
841F8530AA 844F6K254AA 844F8530AA
844F8530AA 845F6K2543/82 84BF8530AA
85BB3K099AA 85HF-8530-AA 85HF8530AA
86308GS 864F-8530-1A1 864F-8A641-AB
864F85301A1 864F8530AA 864F8530AA
864F8A641AA 864FA641AB 86AB7548AA
86TF8530AA 86VB-1225-A1C 86VB-1225-A1C
86VB1225A1C 86VB1225A2C 86VB1225AC
86VB1225AC 86VB7548AB 86VBV268B41
86VBV268K35 86VD1225AA 874F-8530-A1A
874F8530A1A 874F8530A1B 874F8530A1B
874F8530A1C 878T7025AA 878T7065AA
878T7121AA 87AX7548AA 87VX7548AA
87WF8530AA 884221B 88BB7548AA
88BB7548AA 88VB0801006 88WF-8530-AA
88WF8530AA 88WF8530AA 89FF8530AA
89WT7025AA 89WT7065AA 8A7065
8A7561 8A7580A2 8D7120
8IT3109A1 8M7041M 8MB3123
8MB3123 8MTH-7025 91AB1215AA
91XM8530AA 91XM8530AA 928M8530AAD2
928M8530AB 92BM8530BA 92VB-1225-BA
92VB-7548-AA 92VB1225AA 92VB1225AA
92VB1225BA 92VB1225BA 92VB7548AA
92VB7548AB 957E-712A1/2/3/4 957E/V/11-4
957E/V/11-73 957E3123A1 957E3123A2
957E4221 957E4374B 957E4625A
957E4625A 957E4625A&A1 957E4625A*
957E4625A1/2 957E7120C 957E712A
957E712A1 960E4625 960E7120
96BM-8530-BA 978M-8530-NB 9N3123A&B
9N712 9N715 A10093
A7025 A710X1200AFA A710X1200ARA
A710X1200ATA A710X1200AUA A710X1215AAA
A710X1215RA A710X1215SA A720X1200AA
A720X1200AAA A720X1200ASA A720X1206AA
A720X1215A1A A720X1225AAA A720X1225ASA
A720X1225BA A720X1225BAA A720X1225BB1A
A720X1225EA A720X1225FA A720X1225GA
A720X1225HA A720X1225JA A720X1225KA
A720X1225MA A720X1225TA A720X1225UA
A720X1238EA A720X1242MA A730X1206AA
A730X1215A1A A730X1225AAA A730X1225ABA
A730X1225B2A A730X1225UA A7508
A760X1225FA A800X1180BA A800X1180DA
A800X1213AA A800X1215AA A800X1242AA
A820X7548GA A820X7548JA A820X7548LA
A820X7548MA A820X7580CFA A820X7580DA
A820X7580DA A820X7580DA A820X7580FA
A820X7580GA A820X7580GA A820X7580JA
A820X7580LA A820X7580LA A820X7580NA
A820X7580SA A830X7548AA A8AZ10094A
AJ7580A AJ7605 ARC0DD7580A2
B3123A2 B4Q7118A B6Q7580A
B7025A B7600A B7600B
B7A7118A B7A7561A B7AA7561B
BB4220B BB7025 BB7065
BBE4626B BE7600A1RP C0AP7B258A
C0AP7B258A C0DE8530A C0DF11448A
C1AA3517A2 C1AA7548B&C C1AR3552A2
C1DD7548A C1DD7580A C1DZ7580A
C1TT5348A C1VV1200A C3AR7119B
C3AR7C354A C3DA7580A C3HA7548A
C3HA7580A3 C3OA7548A C3TA3110A
C4AP7D046C C4AP7D065A C4AP7D091F
C4AP7D091G C4AP7D091H C4AP7D091J
C4AP7D091K C4AZ7025A C4AZ7D001A
C4DR3576B C4TE8626A C4TE8626A
C4UA3110A C4UA3110B1 C5AR3576B
C5AR3576C C5AR3B682A C5AR3B682A
C5DE8530A C5NE8530B C5NE8530B
C5NE8578B C5NF10045A C5NF10094A
C5NF10094A C5NF10094B C5NN2N624A
C5NN3552A C5NN3552A C5NN3A299A
C5NN3N578AB C5NN3N615A C5NN3N615A
C5NN3N655A C5NN3N657A C5NN4625A
C5NN4625B C5NN4A012A C5NN554A
C5NN7118A C5NN7120B C5NN7120B
C5NN7121A C5NN7127A C5NN7127A
C5NN7127B C5NN7127B C5NN7133A
C5NN7143A C5NN7143B C5NN7580A
C5NN7600A C5NN7600A C5NN7600A
C5NN7938A C5NN7A452A C5NN7A452A
C5NN7E139A C5NN7E139C C5NN7N042A
C5NN7N044A C5NN7N045A C5NN7N045A
C5NN7N046A C5NN7N046A C5NN7N096A
C5NN7N096B C5NN7N123A C5NN7N166A
C5NN7N168A C5NN7N610A C5NN970A
C5NNN779B C5NNN900A C5TA3110B
C6AA7548B C6AA7548C C6AA7561A
C6AA7561B C6AA7561C C6AA7571B
C6AA7571C C6AA7571C C6AP7D014C
C6AP7D014D C6AZ7B258A C6AZ7B258A
C6AZ7B261C C6AZ7B368A C6AZ7D014A
C6AZ7D014B C6AZ7D018A C6AZ7D046A
C6AZ7D046B C6AZ7D090A C6AZ7E058A
C6OA7548C C6OA7561C C6TA7548A
C6TZ3110A C7NN3552A C7NN3552A
C7NN4874B C7NN7118B C7NN7118B
C7NN7580A C7NN7600A C7NN7600A
C7NN7N326A C7NN7N353A C7NN7N431B
C7TA3110G C7TA3110H1 C7TA7548B
C7TA7580B C7ZA7548A C8TA3110A1
C9HA5348A C9NN3647A C9NN7R022A
C9NN7R022A C9NN7R023A C9NN7R023A
C9NN7R023A C9TA3110A1 C9TA3110B
CC3AA7548A CC3AA7580A CC3TA7580A
CODD7561A CODD7580A CODD7580A2
COTZ7580A D0AP7D046A1 D0AP7D056A C4AZ7A242A
D0AZ7B261A D0AZ7D018A D0HA5348H
D12A7548A2 D12A7548AA D1NN2N677A
D20P7F025AA D2OZ7A242A D25E8578AA D25E8578AA
D3AP7A034BA D3AP7A034BA D3AP7A034C1
D3AP7D422AA D3HA3110AA D3HA3110CA
D3NN4615A D3NN554A D3NN7A693A
D4DA7120AA D4HA3110AA D4NN10A303A
D4TP7A834AB D4TP7A834AB D5NN1200A
D5NN1201A D5NN1201B D5NN1202A
D5NN1202B D5NN1215A D5NN1216A
D5NN8578A D5UA3110BA D7EP7A034AA
D8NN7580AA D8NN7580AA D8NN7580BA
D8NN7580CA D8NN8530AA D8NN8530AA
E0AP7B374A2A E100GE9 E148LA5
E152GD9 E184625 E1ADDN3123
E1ADDN3123 E1ADDN4261A E1ADDN66618
E1ADDN7561 E1ADDN7580B E1ADDN7A28-31
E1ADDN7A452 E1ADDN7C21-7 E1ADDN993203
E1ADDNK13 E1ADKN19245A E1ADKN19252
E1ADKN4261A E1ADKN66618A E1ADKN66620A
E1ADKN7580B E1ADKN7580B2 E1ADKN7580C
E1ADKN7580C E1ADKN7587 E1ADKN7600A
E1ADKN8530 E1ADKN8530 E1ADKN8530
E1ADKN8530* E1ADKN993203 E1EP7B259BA
E1EP7N805AA E1ER-7548-AA E1FZ7D423A
E1FZ7F368A E1NN8530AB E202DB1
E203FG5 E276DB7 E27M3123B
E27N100948 E27N10094B E27N1200
E27N1200 E27N17285 E27N19245
E27N3123B E27N7009 E27N7028A
E29GA5 E2NN8626AA E2NN8626BA
E2NN8626BB E2NN8626BB* E2NN8636AA
E327DB7 E327GD9 E328DB7
E357186S E36DB1 E37DB1
E38DB1 E3EP7F369AA E3NN7580AA
E43F65 E43FG5 E4EP7F233A1
E52GE9 E52LA5 E53GA9
E53GA9 E54GA9 E61GE9
E62A12132 E6SP7A132AA E6SP7B375AA
E6SP7N805AA E6SP7N805AB E707600A
E747580B E75GE9 E75GE9
E76GA9 E76GA9 E76GA9*
E77GA9 E77GD9 E77GD9
E78GA9 E7DP7A132AA E7EQ4625A1/3
E7EQ4625A3 E7NN-8530-CA E7NN8530BA
E7NN8530CA E80CP9 E8890101S
E890002S E890002S E890004S
E890025S E890102S E890111S
E890111S E890111S* E8DP7G210AA
E934642 E934658 E93GE9
E94FB9 E99GE9 E9HZ3L105B
E9TZ7A166A E9TZ7G401A E9TZ7L339A
EB7600 ECB110 ECB113
ECB120 ECB122 EDA1225A
ENT70196/1 EOA1202B EOA1225
EOA1225A EOA1225A1/2/3/4/5/6 EOA5426B
EOA5426B EOA7025 EOA7025A
EOA7065A/B EOA7118 EOA7121
EOA7605B EOAP7B2582A EOAP7D0182A
ERB127 ERB15 ERB24
ERB90 ES826F8530EAA ESK112/C/ID-31
ESK112C1D31 ESK211E-5426 ESK49891494
ESK49891566 ESK79541184 ESK7978H15367
ESK7978H15367 ESK7978HO537 ESK8005AA04005
F1521 F1522 F1522A
F1522B2/3 F1VC3B682BA F1VC3N752AB
F1VC3N752AB F2AP7A132AA F2TP7025AA
F2TP7025BA F2TP7D065AA F2VP7B261AA
L88VB0801006 LA33586A LD3647G
N115069A N115069A N115069B
N115069B1 N115091A2 N1210
N1210R N1225 N7025E
N7025E N7025E* N7041
N7065B N7065B N7065B2
N7065E1 N7118D N7188D
PAZ7828B PMB7025B PMB77855B (FORD)
RG76/7/1-214 RG76/7/1-286 S107
S107T S108 S1303
S1493 S19 S349
S350 S351 S365
S587 S589 SE517580
T250/T285 TAAA3110A1 TAAD7580A
TAAK3110A1 TCAA3110B TCAK3110A1
TCAK3110B1 TDAA3110A1 TDBA3110A!
TDBA3110B1/B2 TFBP7580A TGAA3110A
TT1018 TT125A2 V438C2
WAA4625B WAT3576A2 WOTY7118
X105E-7065B X72GH-17B442-1 X773F8530-1
X866F85301A X87RF8530T100 X89FM6K2542TB
X89FM6K2544TB X89FM6K254TCB1 X89FM6K254TCB2
X91WF853001 X91WM8530-10 X92-8M-8530-01
X92BM853001 X92BM8530BA X92BM853BA
XK101557 XK101558 XK101676
XK102412 XK102542 XK105688
XK106991 XK107031 XK107119
XK112245 XK200303 XN334293
Y7065 YE10094