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AHR's Aerospace Division provides a diverse range of precision aerospace bearings from an extensive supplier base. Our typical product range stretches from minature bearings used in flight data recorders to large one off split housed sphericals used in Airbus tail units. A brief resume of our capabilities are listed below. If you don't see exactly the item you are after then please contact AHR without delay. Alternatively to gain a better understanding of aerospace bearings and their uses, you can view some typical applications for both fixed wing and helicopter requirements.

Aircraft bearing capability

  • Ball bearings in standard and non-standard inch and metric sizes
  • Ultra high precision angular contact
  • Separable inner/outer types
  • Plain lined and unlined journals (bushings) and sacrificial sleaves
  • Lined, unlined, swaged and entry slot style spherical bearings
  • Gland nut undercarriage guide bearings
  • Actuator ball screw units - new and refurbished options
  • Standard airframe KP and MS series
  • Cam follower and Yoke roller types for slat and flap carriage guidance
  • Shock strut bearings
  • Specialist coatings, lubricant's and treatments to further bearing life, reduce weight and comply with current exacting standards
  • Undercarriage bearing repair and refurbishment
AHR has extensive interchange material built up through expereince. Interchanging aircraft bearings can only be done by experience as although many bearing manufacturers will meet a bearing military specification there are in some areas many ways and means of achieving this. For 95% of the time these variances in manufacture are not of concern to the majority of applications, however there are some instances where one manufacturers bearing, although visually and even dimensionally is identical to another, may well not give equal performance. These differences often come to light in particularly arduous applications such as helicopter pitch link bearings. In these instances, liner composition, swaging methods and other critical dimensions which fall outside the scope of a typical MS standard will quickly play a vital part in deciding which bearing has the edge.

This is where AHR can help. From experience and keeping ourselves up to date with current manufacturing processes across a considerable range of suppliers, we can quickly advise and supply a suitable source for your application. This of course may not automatically be the cheapest option when only comparing like part numbers but when it comes to meeting OEM specifications and usually trying to extend maintenance periods we pride ourselves in getting it right first time.

Our aerospace office is dedicated to sparing no effort to find the parts you require. We work closely with many engineers who respect AHR for our product knowledge and ability to cut out any potential false lines of enquiry when it comes to design.

We welcome all applications and quantity requirements. All customers are treated equally when it comes to time and effort spent, whether in office or on site. If you need to contact us please feel free to use either our contact form or email us directly. If you are working on a new or existing project, before you contact us we we would advise that you prepare the following data if it is available: (this helps drastically cut down on project start up time)

  • If drawings are available either hardcopy or CAD files, please send these
  • Please provide a summary of the bearings performance requirements
  • Please provide any QPL lists we would have to work to
  • Please provide any treatment/machining/lubrication/FAI procedures etc which we would have to adhear to
  • Please provide a time scale for the project
  • Please advise all personnel involved (in case of absences)
  • Please provide initial sample size requirements
  • If you have any trade/product restrictions not specified in any QPL documents, please state these seperatly
  • Please indicate if you require a site visit ASAP

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