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Slewing Ring applications

AHR provide support for a great many applications worldwide, although the list is not exhaustive it does show the diverse range of machinery in which slewing rings can be used. If you have an application which is not listed here but could use a slewing ring then by all means contact us.
  • Large winches and hoists
  • Tower/Harbour/shipyardmobile/shipdeck/railway cranes
  • Rail vehicles
  • Lifting vehicles
  • Logging equipment
  • Textile industry
  • Material handling machinery
  • Robotics
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Water treatment
  • Excavators
  • Mining/Tunnelliing equipment
  • Open pit equipment
  • Food processing and cannning/bottling plants
  • Fitting vehicles
  • Naval weapon system platforms
  • Radar and radio telescope/Antennae turntables
  • Wind Energy turbines and underwater turbines
  • Solar energy plants
  • Large valves/gates
  • Offshore applications
  • Pipe construction
  • Space applications
  • Nuclear applications
  • Swing bridges
  • Large scale rudder
  • Steel mills

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